Elizabeth Warren is the top-scoring candidate on the scorecard because she’s got both a bold progressive vision for our country and the day-one democracy agenda we need to make that vision a reality. She also earns the top score for building grassroots power. 

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Day-One Democracy Agenda





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We launched a series of live interviews in November 2019 with the Democratic presidential candidates to create space for you—the grassroots leaders—to hear directly from the candidates on issues Indivisibles care about the most.


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Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide.

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Building Grassroots Power: 98%

Senator Warren received the top score in this section by investing in progressive, grassroots activism in exciting new ways. Although our scores do not reflect who was the first to adopt a particular position, Sen. Warren has also led the field in making new commitments that center the grassroots—such as rejecting exclusive high-dollar fundraisers and committing not to appoint donors to positions of power. 

Senator Warren has also won the support of movement organizations in the primary. And by supporting down-ballot candidates like Marie Newman and Jessica Cisneros, she’s demonstrating real political courage while fighting to make the Democratic Party a more progressive and inclusive force in government.

Score: 98%

Day-One Democracy Agenda: 93%

Senator Elizabeth Warren received the top score in this section as she has proposed a set of transformative, structural reforms to our democracy that would put power back into the hands of Americans. Those reforms include support for DC statehood and court reform, in addition to support for campaign finance reform, voting rights, and anti-corruption reforms. Sen. Warren has also firmly committed to making her democracy agenda her top legislative priority if elected. Sen. Warren supports eliminating the filibuster in order to enact her progressive vision.

Score: 93%

Policy Platform: 95%

Senator Elizabeth Warren has proposed a set of transformative progressive policies as part of her platform. These include a people-first immigration plan, Medicare For All, and bold action on climate, economic justice, and civil rights. She received the second-highest score in the policy platform section. Overall, she has a strong, progressive platform that would advance Indivisibles’ top policy priorities. 


Senator Warren has proposed a people-first immigration plan that would dramatically improve our immigration system. She rejects the notion that relief and protections for immigrants need to be “paid for” with increases to enforcement, detention, and deportation. After outreach from immigrant rights activists, she has also expressed support for a moratorium on deportations.

Score: 90%

Health Care

Senator Warren received full credit for the health care section as she has demonstrated a commitment to transforming our health care system to ensure that everyone in the U.S. has access to affordable health care. She supports Medicare For All, including universal access to health care benefits regardless of immigration status, full abortion rights, long-term care, and other proposals that would guarantee coverage for all. She also presented a detailed plan for administrative actions that she would take to advance access to health care for all.

Score: 100%


Senator Warren received full credit for the climate section because she has demonstrated a commitment to the Green New Deal. She pledged to act aggressively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero and to protect our communities and the environment. Senator Warren also committed to taking administrative action in order to combat climate change immediately if she becomes president.

Score: 100%

Economic Justice and Civil Rights

Senator Warren received full credit for this section because of her commitment to eliminating inequality and advancing economic justice and civil rights. Her positions indicate that she would take an intersectional approach to both economic and racial justice issues. She proposed a comprehensive plan for closing the racial and gender wage gaps, and for helping families thrive in the United States.

Score: 100%

Other Domestic Policy

Senator Warren received nearly full credit for this section. She indicated support for action to address gun violence, and committed to using federal resources for gun violence prevention. Sen. Warren also indicated support for debt-free college and providing access to higher education to all. She also proposed a comprehensive plan for improving public education, including closing the teacher pay gap, and specific ways to improve teacher recruitment and retention.

Score: 90%

Foreign Policy & National Security

Senator Warren received a good score on the foreign policy and national security, including full credit for her commitment to repeal the open-ended 2001 and 2002 use of force authorizations, which have been used to wage wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and beyond. She also received credit for her support to rejoining the Iran nuclear deal, and for making a firm commitment to restoring American diplomacy. She lost points in the open-ended section because she did not provide enough detail for how she might advance a more progressive foreign policy.

Score: 85%

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