Senator Klobuchar submitted a partially completed questionnaire after the deadline. We reviewed her responses and adjusted her score to reflect the new information provided. She scored below 50% in the policy platform section since she did not offer bold, transformative policy solutions that match the scope of the problems we face. However, she scored slightly higher for her day-one democracy agenda and for her support for building grassroots power. 

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Building Grassroots Power: 61%

Senator Klobuchar submitted a partially completed questionnaire after the deadline, which we accepted and reviewed. Her score increased in this section but is still near the bottom of the candidates we reviewed. She earned credit for her commitment to creating safe workspaces for her staff, and for being supportive of staff efforts to unionize. However, she lost points because she has not pledged to reject super PACs or exclusive high-dollar fundraisers, and less than half of her fundraising in the second and third quarter of 2019 came from small-dollar donors. 

She also received points for consistently showing up at forums sponsored by movement-aligned organizations, and for being ranked number one out of all the candidates by Party Builder—which rates candidates on the support they offer for winning state-level elections. She also received points for supporting striking union workers, visiting a detention camp to draw attention to the Trump administration’s illegal and cruel treatment of immigrants, and for campaigning to flip the Virginia state legislature for Democrats during the 2019 election.

Score: 61%

Day-One Democracy Agenda: 70%

Senator Klobuchar received her highest score for her day-one democracy agenda. While her democracy platform isn’t as transformative as others we scored, she committed to prioritizing democracy reform if she were to become president. She also expressed openness to filibuster reform in order to enact her legislative agenda.

Score: Under 70%

Policy Platform: Under 50%

Senator Klobuchar submitted a partially completed questionnaire, which meant we could only adjust her score where new information was presented. While some of the issue-specific scores increased slightly, her overall policy platform score remained below 50%. This is mainly due to a failure to propose bold, progressive plans in most of the policy issues we asked about. She did slightly better in other sections, including economic justice and civil rights, other domestic policy and national security, but not enough to break the 50% threshold.


Senator Klobuchar supports citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants, but has not offered proposals that would significantly overhaul our enforcement-first immigration system. She does not support decriminalizing immigration violations, nor does she support a moratorium on deportations. Her platform also calls for more immigration enforcement and border security in exchange for relief for immigrants and their families.

Score: under 50%

Health Care

Senator Klobuchar supports policies that would expand health care access to more Americans, including creating a public option and lowering prescription drug prices. However, she does not support Medicare For All, meaning her plan would leave millions without health care coverage. 

Score: under 50%


Senator Klobuchar is a co-sponsor of the Green New Deal, has committed to ending fossil fuel subsidies, and has taken the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. However, she received a low grade because she has called the Green New Deal only aspirational and has not provided enough detail about how she failed to make firm commitments on reducing carbon emissions.

Score: under 50%

Economic Justice and Civil Rights

Senator Klobuchar received a low score in this section because she has not publicly taken the kinds of bold positions that we need on inequality, economic justice, and civil rights. Although she supports higher wages for workers and paid family leave, she has not firmly committed to policies that would adequately protect Americans from corporate power and greed. She articulated proposals that would provide economic opportunity and financial security to American families, but she did not specify how she would overhaul our racist criminal justice system or close the racial wealth gap. 

Score: 56%

Other Domestic Policy

Senator Klobuchar received a moderate score in this section because she committed to taking meaningful steps to prevent gun violence and to close the achievement gap. She supports universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons and bump stocks. She received credit for her plan to increase federal funding for public schools, and for increasing teacher pay. She lost points because her plan for tuition-free college does not include four-year public colleges and universities.

Score: 61%

Foreign Policy & National Security

Senator Klobuchar received her highest score in this section for generally taking good positions, including repeal of the 2001 and 2002 open-ended use of force authorizations. However, she lost points because she was vague on her plan for Israel-Palestine, and did not identify non-military national security threats in her open-ended response.

Score: 71%

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